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Danute Petrova-Nikolova

Solidworks Queen changing the world by creativity. SolidWorks Champion, SolidWorks Power User and Certified Expert with more than 13 years experience with SolidWorks, 3 years - furniture designer, 3 years- vacuum forming, 1 year - freelancer, 9 years - mechanical design engineering of probing solutions for electrical and electronic measurement.

“Since I was a child I was thought not only to do the work but to approach every task with passion, dedication and attention to detail. I’m happy I was able to transfer this approach to my career path. As a Mechanical engineer, I’ve always endeavoured to achieve an optimal balance between functionality, safety, aesthetics, manufacturability, sustainability and price. The key is good communication with the customer to understand their need, the team to estimate best opportunities and last but not least good understanding of all manufacturing processes included. It’s not an easy task requiring a lot of research and analysis. However, there is no better feeling than successfully finishing a project with a happy team and customer. Then all the extra hours and effort are paid.
This experience and skills helped me a lot in my work as a Quality Manager. I just needed to adjust my project variables to a different scale. At first, it wasn’t easy, because I needed to learn many laws and regulations. In addition changes to an organization are never easy. But looking back on my work, I’m very proud I was able to teach all people in my organization that they are part of the Quality Management System and no matter how “unimportant” a task seems, it can make a big difference. They were able to understand that their work is part not only of the processes within our organization but also spreads towards our customers’ performance and their customers.
My work is a mission for better product, performance, transparency and engagement because my team’s and company’s success are the most important metrics for work well done.”