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Yaser Hosseingholipour

Senior Design and CATIA designer / CATIA Champion / Mechanical engineer

I ‘m Yaser Hosseingholipour with about 17 years of active experience as a CAD Designer. I strongly believe I have the professional characteristics that your company is looking for the job code. In particular my current job has given me the opportunity to develop mechanical designs for a new generation of the requirements on your job listing.
In addition I would like to have your attention into my considerable skills in the following areas:
complete mastery of blue print and dwg reading, drawing maps by hand and running with software, correct use of GD&T certified by Advanced, extensive ability to solve problems individually and decide to make a part from the drawing, check Making a plan before and after construction, designing complex machines, complete familiarity with 3D printing and 3D scanners and correcting cloud points. I have a high level of reverse engineering ability

Considering my educational and professional background including engineering and data science I am assured of being a great fit for this position and assure me of making and be able to make a positive contribution to your company
If I want to explain more fully, I have a very good and complete mastery of using AutoCAD and Photoshop software and I use this software completely professionally and without flaws. Portfolios of my work are available on the LinkedIn and Behance websites to visit (my LinkedIn profile is more complete)